10 Oct 2018

We`ve been waiting for so long! The announcement of the Carpathian Yoga Fest 2019 is here!

VI Carpathian Yoga Fest will be held under the slogan: “CYF2019 – a palette of modern and traditional yoga directions from professionals!” In 2019, within the framework of the Festival you will be able to choose classes from two flows: Professional Yoga or Yoga Base.

The Professional Yoga Flow (49 hours) is intended for people who want to gain in-depth knowledge of yoga, to significantly accelerate their own practice, to substantially improve, to move beyond a certain point from the vision of yoga as a form of physical activity to realizing its full potential, as well as obtaining a Certificate about passing through CYF2019. In addition, the Professional Yoga ticket provides access to the lectures where interesting and exciting topics from well-known speakers will be presented. Themes of lectures and master classes are the most diverse: yoga therapy, principles of healthy nutrition, ayurveda, vegetarianism, purifying, respiratory, meditative practices, etc.

Yoga Base flow activities (28 hours) are for those who want to get acquainted with yoga, directions in general or certain author’s style, practice of a particular Master, to systematize separate passages of their knowledge and representations, to improve physical and mental health, to maintain the form during the festival.

Important!!! The Professional Yoga ticket does not allow access to the Yoga Base flow and vice versa. The teaching staff in the Professional Yoga and Yoga Base flows will be completely different. Masters of Professional Yoga are people who have achieved a high level of mastery, have made a huge contribution to the development of yoga not only in their country, but also far beyond its borders, have deeply studied or created a certain direction, methodology. Masters of the Yoga Base – charismatic and enthusiastic yoga teachers who are ready to help others practice yoga with pleasure, open new horizons to their students. The schedule of classes can be found in the site section of the Program. Entertaining evening program of the festival – for all participants of CYF2019.


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