Shortly about the important

The location of the festival is the eco-resort “Izki”. Eco-resort “Izki” is located 20 km from the Transcarpathian village of Mizhhirya, at the foot of Mount Magur, in the village of Izki, in the valley of the Repinka River, twenty kilometers from the district center.

If you want to get new impressions, improve your health and fitness, feel the fullness of life, understand yourself and find your way of practicing yoga – it’s worth to visit the Carpathian Yoga Fest.

This is a great opportunity to communicate with like-minded people and get acquainted with famous yoga masters, inspiring master classes from outstanding specialists and classes that improve health and well-being, a combination of active recreation in nature with calm contemplation of picturesque mountain landscapes, an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with different teaching methods and yoga techniques.

On the Carpathian Yoga Fest you may expect:

  • a spacious hall for yoga practice;
  • accommodation in comfortable rooms of the complex “Izki”;
  • tent town – for camping lovers;
  • special cuisine for vegetarians, vegans and rawatarians;
  • presentations, master classes and trainings from well-known yoga practitioners and theorists;
  • a unique space for the realization of the creative potential of each participant;
  • for fans of outdoor activities in their spare time will be guided tours to the Carpathians, riding horses, bicycles and much more;
  • in the evening free time – a variety of music shows in the style of ambient, new age music and mantras.

We all love mountains, mountain travels, but in the region the weather is very changeable, and you must plan what you need to take with you. In the Carpathians the days can be warm, but nights can be quite cold.

Just in case, take a hat, jacket, raincoat, along with sunscreen and appropriate comfortable clothes and shoes.

If you plan to spend time in the water, take everything you need for swimming. If you are going on a hike or will entertain yourself in a different way, being at home beforehand, arrange the appropriate set of things.

Of course, do not forget your rug, sports clothes and accessories for classes, which you give the advantage! You can also take a notebook and a pen to write down the most important.

Wireless Internet access is available at the venue.

Of course! But not all children (especially small ones) will be interested in listening to masters with adults for a long time, so, since we do not provide childcare, parents need to think about their leisure time.

The cost includes:

  • a program of master classes with famous masters and yoga teachers (depending on the choice of the visiting  Festival variant);
  • entertainment evening show program of the festival.

Transport, food and accommodation are not included in the main fees. We also offer a tent camp for camping lovers.

Carpathian Yoga Fest is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners. If you have just started to be interested in yoga and are afraid not to withstand physical activities during classes, then your worries are in vain.

The yoga practice is a mean for knowing your abilities and going beyond them. You will have the opportunity to learn how to breathe, relax, be flexible and control your body.

Yes, but our price suggestions apply only for the duration of the festival. Nevertheless, you can continue your vacation at the resort after or before the opening.

Yes! We are glad to any of your help! We especially need volunteers to guard and organize the Festival. Please email us at: carpathianyoga@gmail.com.

Ask your question to the organizers here!

The organizers of the festival are ready to answer all your questions. We begin to work on the second question-and-answer unit about our festival, which we want to make the most useful for the guests of Carpathian Yoga Fest. We are waiting for your questions with impatience!