Carpathian Yoga Fest 2020 – on the top level!

You may cooperate with Carpathian Yoga Fest as:

– Teachers of the festival

Usually, at the start, we form the main structure of the teachers, the rest join in the process of preparation. The conditions depend on the level of the potential candidate, his popularity, the demand for his knowledge and skills among our audience. Accordingly, we have individual agreements with all: from just being able to act on our scenes for the sake of PR to cover all expenses and high fees. The main requirements for all teachers are assistance in promoting our festival: participating in webinars, providing videos, periodically posting information on their social accounts, etc.

img_3692-1We also consider not only yoga teachers. These may be related topics: Ayurveda, Qigong, meditation and much more.

– Advertiser

Our audience – is active people with an abundance above average, who are interested in a healthy way of life, often have their own business. Many companies are interested in contact with them. As far as we cover hundreds of thousands of unique users in the process of preparing and hosting the Festival live at the Festival, as well as through our resources: sites, social networking accounts, YouTube channels, subscription bases by e-mail.

img_2235-1You can also shoot many photo and video materials at the festival, which will then be perfectly suited for any promotional campaigns. For this type of cooperation, we do not have a standard offer; we develop it individually, based on the needs of the partner.

– Infosponsor

Although the Carpathian Yoga Fest is NOT a media resource, we have a very large reach for the audience. Therefore, many companies are interested in cooperating with us in terms of cross-promotion. You place information about us; we are placing the information about you, helping to develop each other.

Socially responsible businesses are also interested in us, because our Festival is a promotion of a healthy lifestyle, and by helping us, you automatically do the same.

– Dealer/Representative

Many people have a wide range of acquaintances or knowledge/skills in selling tickets for a variety of activities. They can earn a good profit by helping us to promote the Festival and, in general, a healthy lifestyle movement. For them, we have many great offers: from just good discounts for large groups of participants to representing our Festival in their country.

– Participant of the fair

Every year we are organizing a fair where products of interest to our audience are presented: yoga goods, souvenirs, clothes, drinks and street food, food products etc. Participation is on a paid basis and depends on the type of product.

img_2629-1We provide a place for trade, tent, electricity, water supply and organize the flow of participants in this area. The number of places is limited, so we prefer the businesses, which are spiritually closest to us.

img_2066-1 Accordingly, we do not consider the offers of alcohol, tobacco companies, and sellers of “harmful” products.

– Volunteer

A lot of requests come from people who want to help us. Instead, depending on the functions of the volunteer we offer bonuses – from a free ticket to full compensation for travel, accommodation, food. What do volunteers do? In the preparation process, they help us to popularize the Festival (work in social networks, creating content, finding the right information or potential partners, etc.).

img_0037-1There are many organizational issues at the CYF: placement of the promotional materials, stage preparation, work with sound, assistance to participants, translation from/into English. As far as this year there will be English-speaking teachers and participants at the festival, we prefer Russian-speaking people with a high level of English, first of all, spoken English.

We are looking for:

– photo – and video operators, not necessarily to be a professional, it is enough to have the technique and the ability;

– people with English knowledge for the classes translation, communication with foreign participants, spreading the information on our English-language resources;

– volunteers to solve organizational issues: informing the participants, conducting registration, placing promotional materials on the territory of the festival, promoting the organization of the evening program, etc .;

– information volunteers (for festival preparation): writing texts, generating content, posting information in social networks, placing information on various information portals, preparing online webinars, searching for potential speakers/teachers, distributing posters and information materials in their cities.

– Other

You can provide your services at the Festival, for example, massage, mehendi painting, various workshops and master classes and much more. Terms of cooperation are different: free, paid, with our support or without (depending on the commercial component of your offer).

img_2691-1We are interested in cooperation with various groups, organizations, people who somehow help to make our Festival unforgettable: musical groups, artists, children animators, playing techniques’ organizers, organizers of interesting shows, etc.

If you are interested in one of the items, please contact us