Schools and yoga studios – join us!


The organizers of the festival Carpathian Yoga Fest welcome you!

Based on your field of activity and interests, you have probably heard about us. But this year we really want to get acquainted with all yoga schools of Ukraine and their customers closer.

Of course, we invite teachers and students of your schools / studios to visit the Festival – it will be an unforgettable experience for them. In addition to personal development, for the teachers it is an opportunity to advertise themselves, the yoga school / studio in which he / she teaches, the methodology that she/he teaches, to get close to her/his audience, to show her /his desire for growth, to get new interesting acquaintances with other instructors / schools , well, just to have a cool rest.

In addition to this, we can offer you valuable bonuses for help:

  1. All yoga schools / studios-partners who actively cooperate with us, get into a selection of promo materials “Carpathian Yoga Fest” with detailed information about each of them. Promo-materials are distributed to each participant during registration at the Festival.
  2. For the school, this is an opportunity to “light up” in the video clips about the Festival, which are laid out after in Youtube with a description of what is happening and the participants.
  3. Under the condition of closer cooperation, the school logo can take its place on the main page of the site in the “Partners” section with the transition to your site.
  4. If more than 20 participants travel from school – we write an article (posted on the site, in social networks) on the topic “… a school of yoga with us” with a small yoga school advertisement.
  5. Two closed training sessions for school representatives on the theme “Secrets of successful yoga studio development on the example of the Yogaifschool formation” are planned at the Festival, where the founders of Yogaifschool Andrey Kuznetsov and Yuriy Sulyk will talk about the “features” of the studio / school effective development, will share their experience, will discuss the marketing component. Entrance only for active partners, free of charge, separate tickets for training will not be sold.
  6. The most active * studios-partners will go to the pages of the magazine, which will be distributed among the target audience in April (circulation from 2000), will receive a 10% discount for accommodation in Izki (for 3 of its representatives). If the partner-studio wants to sell goods or services at the Festival market, we will assist in organization and providing the preferential terms.

We are always ready to consider your suggestions for launching the joint projects (both within the Festival and outside).

On your part, we would like the following options for promoting our event:

  1. Placement of the poster-announcement of the Festival in the yoga studio, distribution of the promo materials provided by us about the event to the clients of your schools / studios.
  2. Dissemination of information about the Festival by:
  • Regular publications of announcements and news of the Festival in groups, on the pages of the studio and on personal accounts of yoga teachers and other opinion leaders in social networks.
  • Placement of banners, information about the Festival on your site (if available).
  • E-mail and SMS sending to your customer base.
  • Periodic demonstration of promo video about the festival and other videos from the Festival on the studio screen (if available).
  1. Organization of the presentation (providing video materials) of the Festival for students of the school. Tell about the event to all acquaintances and students – give them a chance to gain important experience and just have a wonderful rest!
  2. Video message or post in social networks from a bright representative of the studio with an invitation to go to the Festival, PR of the Festival or a positive response (if this person has already visited our fest).
  3. Periodical reminders (PR) about the event by the teachers in their groups in the classroom.
  4. Organization of a competition for yoga school clients with prizes from the Festival organizers.
  5. Active involvement of the maximum number of acquaintances for a trip to the Festival.

* By “most” active, we mean those studios that will be able to attract the largest number of participants to the Festival. We guarantee an unbiased attitude!

We will be grateful for any help and will try to adequately assess the efforts of everyone, even if your scale / experience does not allow to attract enough people – we will still try to offer a decent reward depending on the efforts made.

We are open for cooperation with you! We will be grateful for any support. We can discuss other forms of our partnership by phone +380503575038.