Rules of Carpathian Yoga Fest:

The current rules determine the order of the relationships between the organizer of the yoga festival and the participants. In all situations not considered in the current rules, the parties should be guided by the current legislation of Ukraine.

  1. The festival takes place according to the schedule of classes. The exact schedule can be found in the festival program.
  2. To participate in the festival you need to buy a ticket. Strangers are forbidden to be present at the festival.
  3. Only the owner can use the ticket. The transfer of the ticket to third parties is prohibited (only one person can enter by one ticket, so if you give your ticket to someone else, you risk not to attend the festival or pay again for the entrance).
  4. You should come to the classes in time, preferably not later than 15 minutes before the start.
  5. To the classes are allowed persons who do not have medical contraindications to physical exertion and yoga practice. The responsibility for assessing the state of health lies with the participant. If there are doubts in assessing your own health, you should definitely consult a doctor!
  6. It is forbidden to come to the classes being drunk or under the influence of narcotic drugs.
  7. The organizers do not bear responsibility for the forgotten, lost or left unattended things.
  8. The organizers are not responsible for any technical inconvenience associated with carrying out seasonal preventive and repair works, as well as in case of force majeure.
  9. The organizers are not responsible for possible changes in the list of participants and schedules due to various possible personal circumstances that could have arisen among the masters and which are independent of the organizing committee.
  10. The Visitor (Buyer) agrees with the following rules of return and exchange of tickets:
    This provision is developed taking into account the requirements of the Instructions for conducting ticketing in theater and entertainment enterprises and cultural and educational institutions, approved by the order of the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine dated 07.07.1999 No. 452 (hereinafter referred to as the Instruction). In accordance with Section X of the Instruction, refunds for purchased tickets are made by the Festival organizers only in case of cancellation, transfer or change of the Festival. Other conditions for the return of paid funds for the purchased ticket – are absent.
    The Customer who purchased the Ticket and made all necessary payments may request the Organizers to return the ticket purchased to him and receive the money paid for it if:
    10.1. Cancellation of the Festival.
    10.2 Change of essential conditions of the Festival (time, date or place of the Festival).
    10.3 Replacing a previously purchased ticket with a Ticket of another type at the same Festival, and / or the next Festival.

It is prohibited on the territory of Carpathian Yoga Fest:

  • to attend classes having infectious and catarrhal diseases;
  • smoke in the hall for classes;
  • to drink alcohol;
  • to take pick-me-ups and narcotic drugs;
  • food consumption in the hall;
  • independent use of music and other equipment;
  • enter into service and technical premises, independently regulate any engineering and technical equipment;
  • interfere with other visitors of the festival, violate cleanliness and order;
  • it is forbidden to bring any kinds of fire, gas and cold weapons to the festival; explosive, fire hazardous, toxic substances; food and drinks.The organizers reserve the right to make changes and additions to these Rules.