We invite you to perform at the festival!

The largest yoga festival in Ukraine is reaching a new level! In preparation for the Carpathian Yoga Fest 2021, we not only invite the most famous and interesting personalities, but also go out hunting for new talents! This year we will have 2 separate scenes, one of which will be filled with performances of charismatic and skillful masters who have something to tell and show, but so far they are little known.

If you belong to such people and really want to bring the yoga benefit to the masses (or are personally familiar with such personalities), with our help you have a chance to significantly expand your audience and loudly tell about yourself to all yogic beau monde of Ukraine and the near abroad. Our ideal candidates are people with a high level of practice and their own interesting developments.

On a competitive basis, we want to select the best.
More detailed conditions for participation as a teacher at the Yoga Festival will be discussed after acquaintance with your methods and video.

Therefore, if you wish:

• to have free access to the master classes of famous yoga teachers;
• to present your yoga direction, teaching methods or school;
• to reach the target audience in the place of its greatest concentration
→ we invite you to perform at the 8th International Carpathian Yoga Fest 2021. As a bonus, you will get professional photos of your performance!

Dear yoga teachers! The knowledge that you can share with the participants of the event will inspire them to practice yoga and will help them in everyday life. All the visitors of the festival are deeply interested in understanding yoga and applying a wide range of different yoga techniques. These are creative, interesting and inquisitive personalities, keen on yoga and self-knowledge.

Thanks to your rich special knowledge and unique experience, you can help others to take the first steps in yoga practice with pleasure, open new horizons to your students, you can support them regardless their level of proficiency in techniques.

We, as the festival organizers, will provide the appropriate atmosphere and comfortable conditions of stay, facilitating the exchange of opinions in theory, philosophy, yoga psychology, which are the foundation of practice. It is also important for us to convey information about the therapeutic benefits of yoga as compared to other systems of physical training.
As yoga goes far beyond yoga mat, together we are able to help students understand the potential of yoga in the transformation of everyday life, to bring renewable energy and strength into every sphere of life.

The program of the Carpathian Yoga Fest 2021 yoga festival is designed to meet the interests of all participants – there will be enough free time for a wonderful holiday at the eco-resort “Izki”, as well as for practices, classes and communication with like-minded people.

Considering the growing interest to a healthy lifestyle in general and to yoga in particular, support our mission: the popularization of yoga in Ukraine as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle in conjunction with other health practices.

If you have any questions, please call +38 066 105 21 91.