The festival needs your support!

While the festival is still very young and needs support, for the Sponsor-company, relatively low costs can have a very good return.

The popularity of yoga in Ukraine according to the data of Google Trends is growing rapidly, so if you wish:

  • to receive an additional information occasion for the brand / company;
  • creatively differ from competitors;
  • to get an opportunity to advertise your brand / company;
  • to reach the target audience through additional channels of communication;
  • to strengthen the reputation of the “healthy product” manufacturer and a company that actively promotes a healthy lifestyle,
    – we invite you to sponsor the fifth annual yoga festival “Carpathian Yoga Fest”.

Since the Sponsor is associated with the sponsoring object, it is extremely important for both the festival organizer and Sponsor that their goals are in contact. Since yoga is directed at a complex physical, psychological, spiritual development and gives a person health, youth, harmony, we are looking for a socially responsible Sponsor who supports the idea of a healthy way of life.

To achieve these goals, the Sponsor receives a wide range of options for the formation and implementation of an optional scale advertising campaign.