Carpathian Yoga Fest 2021 Camping 

In 2021, there will be will organized camping at the festival with the possibility of showering and laying out fire. Camping of the Festival is an excellent choice for those who prefer to live close to nature: outdoors in an ecologically clean place.


Prices for accommodation are noted without meals. Cost per person when placing in a tent:

  • 90 UAH /day.

Accommodation conditions:

  • Shared shower / toilet, use is included in the camping price.
  • The illuminated camping territory at night.
  • Free Wi-Fi in the restaurant, near the guard station.
  • Protection of the territory.
  • The ability to charge phones and other devices from the network.
  • There are places for building of bonfires (the cost of firewood is paid separately).
  • Parking for cars and motorcycles.


  • A few minutes from the campsite there is a store where you can buy food.
  • Within walking distance to the eco-resort is located a restaurant and a kolyba.
  • Children’s playground, swimming pool.

Additional services:

  • bicycle tours;
  • hiking and horseback excursions;
  • massage;
  • sauna;
  • horseback riding;
  • fishing;
  • riding on quad bikes.

For many camping at the Festival is an important part of a good holiday in nature. If you chose to live in tents at the Festival, we are sure – you will like it, but to make it perfect, even an experienced tourist sometimes needs to draw up a plan of action, not to mention newcomers.

Mistakes that can spoil the rest:

  • postpone the ticket to the Festival purchase for the last days (all subsequent efforts may be just in vain);
  • remember about train tickets at the last moment;
  • rent a tent and do not try it at home at least once;
  • take perishable foods and not to think about a refrigerator bag;
  • to decide that in summer the weather across Ukraine +- is the same.

List of necessary things

Even if the above points have caused you to have a smirk of the traveler, go over the list of necessary things:

  • cash;
  • printed ticket;
  • documents;
  • tent;
  • mat for yoga;
  • ground pad for the tent;
  • sleeping bag;
  • charging devices;
  • phone;
  • first-aid kit;
  • sunscreen;
  • insect repellent;
  • headgear (light hat + panama or bandana);
  • napkins and toilet paper;
  • wet wipes in sufficient quantity;
  • glasses or contact lenses;
  • multipurpose large and small zip packets;
  • hygiene items (toothbrush, paste, soap);
  • a pair of towels;
  • cooking utensils, pocket knife, kitchen utensils;
  • earplugs;
  • flashlight;
  • underwear and socks (thin and warm);
  • jacket and warm sports suit;
  • another pair of comfortable sets of clothes for different temperatures;
  • sportswear for classes;
  • slippers, sneakers (maybe even 2 pairs);
  • food and drink;
  • musical instruments, if you play.
  • kemping