01 Dec 2017

List of things in a suitcase on CYF

Very soon the real yoga festival begins – Carpathian Yoga Fest! We will spend 7 unforgettable days enjoying quality yoga, fresh air, the Carpathians’ nature and communication with close in spirit people. For the most comfortable stay at the festival, we suggest you to pay attention to the list of things that are sure to help the participants. So, pack the suitcase! 🙂

1. Yoga mat – you cannot forget it at home in any way 🙂 In the literal sense of the word – you will spend all day on it! Considering that you will have to practice both in nature and in halls where there is not always a wooden floor, it is better to take a rugged mat, 6 mm thick. In addition to the rug, it would be not bad to take a tourist seat with you. It will ensure you a comfortable stay in the sitting position, which will allow you to concentrate and enjoy lectures.

2.  Mat cover. It is better to take a universal one, which will include not only yoga mat, but also other things that can be useful in the class: a bottle of water, a snack, warm clothes, a notebook with a pen, etc. Thus, you avoid the need to take one more backpack or bag for a class.

3.  Clothes and shoes. At the Yoga Festival in the Carpathians, heels and miniskirts are definitely not for you, but warm and comfortable sportswear is definitely needed. As a rule, in the Carpathians it is cooler than in other regions of Ukraine, the weather can be very changeable and rainy. Take care that you have warm and comfortable things for walking, staying in a hotel and doing yoga outside / in the hall. In addition, you will need a few pairs of comfortable shoes: sneakers, sport shoes. If you are planning trips to the mountains – it is better to use special sneakers with a raised sole.

4. A bottle for water and a thermo mug/thermos. These containers will become a real find. With intensive trainings it is simply necessary to maintain normal water balance, and enjoying Carpathian tea in between sessions is very pleasant.

5. Lunch box – a very convenient device, if you always want to have at hand a prepared by yourself snack. Also, you can always have breakfast, lunch and dinner in different places in the fresh air with a view of the lake or mountains, putting in a box lunch ordered earlier in the cafe.

6.  Swimsuit, rubber flip-flops. Surely you will want to take off the fatigue after classes in a hot bath or try the Carpathian zest – bathing in a hot tub with herbs.

7.  A copy-book with a pen, a voice recorder, a memory card. It is very important at the festival not only to enjoy the atmosphere, new acquaintances and yoga, but also to render the maximum benefit for your further practice. For this, do not be lazy to fix new knowledge on paper, using a voice recorder, photo and video of interesting moments. The information fixed on external media will be useful for you in future practice and will refresh your memories. Make sure that the memory card in the phone, the camera was prepared to record large amounts of information.

8. A blindfold/scarf, a small blanket – these things will make your stay in shavasana and practice for relaxation very comfortable.

9.Passport, tickets, raincoat/umbrella, headdress, sunglasses, sunscreen, personal care products, a minimum first-aid kit.

10.   The mood for relaxation, training and a great mood!

Of course, at the Yoga festival personal things play far from the main role, but the overall impression is made up of small things. The program of the festival is thought out to the smallest details, organizers will take care of this, and our task is to take care of the smallest details in our suitcases!

Good road and see you soon!

Olga Rimskaya, organizer of yoga tours INSPIRATION, Yoga instructor,

especially for Carpathian Yoga Fest.


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