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Bon appetit!

All guests of the festival Carpathian Yoga Fest 2019 can count on a nutritious and healthy food from the eco-resort IZKI restaurant. Most dishes will be prepared exclusively from home products. The kitchen uses seasonal vegetables and fruits, which are grown in an ecologically clean area of Transcarpathia on their own farm. A special delicacy is the delicious honey of Izki’s apiary.

You will be able to taste the dishes of both national cuisine and cooked according to original author’s recipes. Especially famous dishes are from the oven and made on the grill. Chefs of the resort are real virtuosos of their craft, who even turn the simplest treats into real works of culinary art.

People in Transcarpathia very fond of spicy dishes, the use of paprika, caraway, garlic, thyme and other mind-blowing seasonings. All this, combined with a variety of home-made sauces, gives a special note even to the most simple dishes.

Specially for the festival, the chefs developed three menu options: for vegans, vegetarians and traditional. Regardless of your gastronomic preferences, you will receive a balanced and healthy diet to have the strength for spiritual practices and physical exercises.

To see the options for meals by day (the menu is preliminary, there may be adjustments and additions), please follow the links below.

For vegans (in Ukrainian)

For vegetarians (in Ukrainian)

Traditional cuisine (in Ukrainian)

Attention! Cost of meals: breakfast – 70 UAH, lunch – 220 UAH, dinner – 190 UAH for all three options. The meals’ package is ordered preliminary with the help of the festival manager.