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Elena Lazareva

Yoga teacher

Elena Lazareva
Elena Lazareva

Elena Lazareva

  • Certified yoga teacher on the RIS 200 Himalayan Yoga Academy, India;
  • teacher of women’s practices and yoga for pregnant women;
  • creative fly yoga trainer.

She has been teaching yoga since June 2015. Her classes are aimed at the knowledge of the body through breathing, pranayama and asanas.

“Yoga. How often do I hear this question: what is yoga? And I can say one thing – every time I think about the answer! And every day I open yoga in a new way, I see its manifestations in life, I feel the changes that are happening to me and the people around me…

I can confidently say that:

Yoga – is a high quality of life;

Yoga – is love: for yourself, for the World, it is the trust of Space;

Yoga – tasting every minute of life;

Yoga – is when a healthy beautiful Body is in harmony with the Soul, and a balanced Mind is in peace …

Do YOGA, take care of YOURSELF with love!”