Kristian Jyoti

Kristian Jyoti Varé


Kristian Jyoti Vare

Kristian Jyoti Varé

Kristian Jyoti Varé — yogi-illusionist, Frenchman, known as an unsurpassed virtuoso of magical juggler of crystal spheres.

Kristian Varé was born in Paris, but he lives in and breathes with India. About 20 years ago, Vare refused a successful career as a virologist, moved to Goa, began to consider himself a citizen of the world and devoted his life to the knowledge of all the possibilities of the human body and spirit.

Kristian Jyoti Varé is a man with a lot of talents. In addition to the unique magic tricks with glass balls Kristian Jyoti is known as a multi-instrumentalist. He masterly plays on different instruments, in particular on the flute, sitar, didgeridoo, African percussion.

On the tricks of the yogi-Frenchman Kristian Jyoti people look with open mouthes, wanting to see and understand how he does it. But the magician “Divine Light” does everything impeccably. You have no chance to catch him on anything. You can not hide anything in your sleeves, you can not tie any strings. And this really makes a strong impression. It simply works amazingly with glass balls. And Joyte does this so masterly that no one can understand the system of his tricks.

The crystal spheres Jyoti rotate in an incomprehensible way and hang in space. Who once saw his magic tricks, has an unrestrained desire to enjoy this performance again and again.