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Closing of the festival. Fire walking

fire walkingFire walking is a very ancient and extensive practice which was met at different times in different parts of the world. It took place in the traditions of Orthodox Christians in northern Greece and southern Bulgaria, woven into the Sangyan Yaran dance in Bali, acts like the characteristic of Hindu rituals, often found in South Africa, Polynesia and parts of Asia, became an attribute of the “Fire Festival” in Japan.

As for the origin, there is no common opinion: the ritual of fire and coal walking either appeared at one point in ancient times and spread throughout the globe, or appeared independently in several places and time intervals. Both options suggest that the act has always been attractive for many cultures.

In connection with the diversity of manifestation and embodiment of the practice of walking on coal, one cannot single out one particular goal or meaning. In many cases, however, there is a direct connection with the spiritual. Often the tribal shaman does this within the framework of a religious ceremony associated with spirits or gods. The purpose in these cases is quite simple. The shaman, walking calmly on the hot surface, serves as a clear reinforcement of faith in the presence of supernatural or divine powers. This strengthens the belief system of the tribe and connects its members with the forces that shape their peace.

In other cases, it is a ceremony in which the members of the tribe participate. Social theory suggests that intensely exciting events experienced together have a social function. The danger and fear shared by the group is like an act of triumph. There is a linkage of the personal act of overcoming with influence on the group.

Even if it is not very interesting, to you personally, the search for deep meanings of the ritual – it is still an unforgettable experience that can give a lot to everyone in the sense of realizing their capabilities, overcoming fears and setting achievements.


  • 18.05.2019
  • 18:00 - 22:00